Cleaning & Maintenance

General Information

  1. Always season the grids before using the BBQ for the first time.
  2. To clean grids, use a brass or stainless steel brush.
  3. To clean the outside of the BBQ, use mild soapy solution and wash off. Frequent cleaning will help maintain the original appearance.
  4. Never use oven cleaner, it will remove the paint finish.
  5. Never use harsh cleaners or utensils to clean any part of the BBQ. Never use cleaners with bleach or abrasives on stainless steel.
  6. Only use household cooking oils to season the grids.
  7. Never use automotive or industrial oil to lubricate the BBQ.
  8. Never leave the BBQ unattended.
  9. Never use your barbecue in an enclosed space, under an over hang and not closer than 24" from any combustible surface.
  10. Never store a propane tank in an enclosed space.

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