Cleaning & Maintenance

My ignition system doesn't work anymore. What could have gone wrong?

The Sure-Liteā„¢ starting system is a two part system consisting of either a push button or rotary ignition, plus the electrode(s). The electrode may develop a build up of grease or oxidization that may hamper the performance of the spark. Most times this can be rectified by cleaning the electrode with a brush or carefully with a piece of sandpaper. The electrodes can be found connected to your burner.

You will need to remove your grills and heat medium to access the electrode. If you do not hear the ignitor clicking, and cleaning the electrode does not resolve the problem, you may need to replace it or the batteries (if your Barbecue came with electric battery start). Always ensure the electrode wire is plugged into the ignitor and securely attached to your burner. This wire can be found underneath the control panel.

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