Cleaning & Maintenance

What is the correct way to season cast iron grids?

Spread a thin coating of cooking oil ( Vegetable, Olive, Peanut, Canola, Sunflower) over entire surface of the cast iron grids with a paper towel. Be certain the entire surface, including all corners, has been coated thoroughly. DO NOT use salted fat such as margarine or butter. Never use non-stick sprays to season your grids, as they just don't work. They burn off at a really low heat and do not protect the grids well. Preheat barbecue for 10 minutes on HIGH. Turn burners to MEDIUM with lid closed. Allow barbecue to heat for 30 minutes. Turn all burners to OFF. Leave cooking grids in barbecue until they are cool. Your cast iron grids are now ready to use.

Reseasoning: After each use the grids should be reseasoned by coating with a cooking oil, closing the lid and leaving the cast iron grids in the barbecue until it is cool.

Storage: When Barbecue is not in use for long periods of time, store cast iron grids in a dry warm place.

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